Jacy Wall - Split

Red Stripe - Etching & Drypoint 50 x 19cm 2016

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Jacy Wall

I started printmaking some years after establishing my woven tapestry practice, in order to explore ideas and mark making that are not possible in textiles. The two disciplines now sit happily together for me, the one very often feeding the other. All my work, in print or in tapestry, is about textiles in one form or another. I worked for several years around the theme of mending, both as a visual celebration of a patch or a darn, and as a way of provoking deeper thought about what it means to mend something, and the different reasons for doing so.  I am currently playing with stripes, that ubiquitous motif in textiles that can evoke elegance, joyousness, severity, playfulness, utility, according to how they are used.

Deceptively simple, depicting the stripe in its many forms in etching is fascinating and surprisingly tricky, as I investigate a wide variety of techniques to give myself a range of effects; textured, clean, deep, gentle, strong, straight, curvy. Apparently Miles Davis once advised the great guitarist John Mclaughlin to play as if he hadn't ever played the instrument before. In other words, one's experience is always there in the background, but the really difficult step is to come to the making of each piece of work as something utterly new.




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