Jenny Graham - Cow Parsley Moon

On the beach at Ryde

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telephone: 07743 132157 

Jenny Graham

My photo etchings are the result of my interest in exploring the graphic possibilities of the landscape.  They vary from simple cloudscapes to the intricate tracery of winter hedges and the geometric lines of architecture.

I manipulate my photographs in Adobe Photoshop using various filters and modes to get the correct amount of texture and contrast.  The image is printed onto acetate to create a full size transparency, then transferred onto an aluminium plate which has been coated with a light sensitive film.  After exposure to UV light, the plate is washed to reveal the image and subsequently etched with a solution of copper sulphate and salt. Any additional tone or texture can be subsequently added to the plate by re-etching it. This tone occurs naturally on the aluminium so requires no aquatint.

The resulting work retains the representational accuracy of photography with the textural and linear qualities of an etching.

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