Julia Manning - For Lo the Winter is Past

Cascade - wood cut

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Julia Manning RE

One of the 5 printmakers of PINE FERODA

Working from her beautiful spacious studio in the Somerset village of Keinton Mandeville. Julia uses both intaglio and relief printmaking techniques to create limited editioned prints.
Julia’s Inspiration comes from drawing in the wild directly onto plywood blocks or copper etching plates. Back in the studio the plates are cut or etched and then printed on to Somerset Printmaking Papers.

 The geology of islands. The colours and essence of different places. The patterns of nests. Bare winter hedges and trees. Rock formations on which ravens nest. Rocky outcrops over which sea birds glide.
A colourful celebration of the natural world.

Julia studied fine art at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham and for over 35 years earned a living with a paint brush. From portraits to trompe l’oeil, from murals to painted tapestries, commissions came from all over the world. Today she focuses her work as an artist-printmaker and as a member of PINE FERODA

Julia is a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen and an elected Senior Fellow of The Royal Society Of Painter Printmakers (RE) and associate member of The Society Of Wildlife Artists

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