Pennie Elfick

Primarily an oil painter my work reflects the transient nature of light in the environment. 

I use printmaking as an extension to my practice; I am able to explore different ways of conveying my interest in those fleeting glimpses of spaces found in the environment whether created by light and shadow, man or nature.  The technical side of printmaking is challenging and I enjoy the somewhat unexpected results that can be achieved at times. 

I use a combination of etching methods and embossing to create different surfaces, frequently this means that I am using several plates and all sorts of things happen along the way!

Recently I had a residency in Cornwall and my project for my time there was to make prints using the Japanese Ukyio-e method.  This is completely different from etching and the results vary tremendously but it is a wonderful way of using transparent colour that seems to have a life all of its own

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